Environmental Monitoring Service

Vyana Scientific Pvt. Ltd. offers environmental monitoring, risk management, earthquake early measurement, and IoT solutions through Castle Cloud, Realmsafe, and Earthquake Sensor.


A. Environmental Monitoring - Environmental Management Maintenance Monitoring - Castle Cloud 

Castle Cloud offers comprehensive environmental monitoring services, ensuring the continuous upkeep and management of environmental assets. Our solutions include real-time data collection, analysis, and maintenance to support sustainable practices.


B. Environmental Risk Management - Risk Management For Environmental Health And Safety - Realmsafe

Realmsafe specializes in comprehensive Environmental Risk Management, ensuring the health and safety of environments. Our services encompass strategic planning, assessment, and mitigation strategies for sustainable environmental health and safety practices.


C. Earthquake Early Measurement - Earthquake Sensor

Utilizing cutting-edge earthquake sensors, our service offers early measurement and detection systems, alerting communities swiftly to seismic activity, enhancing safety, and enabling timely response efforts.


D. Internet Of Things Solution - Environmental Management Maintenance Monitoring - Castle Cloud

Castle Cloud offers IoT solutions for monitoring environmental conditions in real-time, ensuring optimal maintenance of facilities. Our service includes sensor deployment, data analysis, and proactive maintenance alerts for efficient environmental management.


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