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We are offering expert Services for Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment. The Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment can ensure the best and most accurate evaluation of noise and vibration on the structure and we have a highly skilled tam taking care of the finer nuances. The Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment provide precise and reliable results that may lead to the right direction for any corrective measures.

Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment for Buildings
The major sources for Building Vibrations and Noise Pollution are activities relating to industry, aircraft, transportation and diesel generator sets. Most Governments have laid down permissible limits of Vibration Noise Levels in
  • Industrial areas
  • Commercial areas
  • Residential areas
  • Silence Zones

As a part of the Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment, we undertake Noise and Vibration related measurements, analysis, and prediction and recommend mitigation measures if the levels can cause damage to environment.

Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment also involves Octave Analysis and Noise Modeling to cover the identification of most detrimental frequency bands and most affected zones. The major sources for vibrations near buildings could be many as all buildings suffer from vibration due to various causes like vehicular traffic, construction activity in the vicinity, running of heavy machines in adjacent buildings, demolition or blasting work in surrounding areas or supersonic airplane flights. The vibration can be a cause of discomfort to the occupants or damage to buildings.

We undertake Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment on buildings from the perspective of their impact on inmates as well on the building structure. We undertake them as per the local Government regulations and standards.

The basic process regarding Vibration Measurements involves assessment of the vibration amplitude and frequency. This is required to determine the effect the vibration has on the building and its' occupants and whether damage could be caused to the structure. Measurements of vibrations can have two aims, determining comfort or risk of damage of the building or its installations. We measure vibrations both in domestic houses and in business buildings.

Most Governments have laid down standards for vibration measurements and assessment of its impacts. A buildings' structural response is usually affected by duration, amplitude and frequency of vibration. We take into consideration all these and related aspects while carrying out the assignments of this nature.

Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment for Railways
Collection of Railway Noise/Vibration Data at Source Level covers the measurement of Noise/Vibration Levels of railway in survey areas :
  • Measurement of baseline data of railway noise/vibration around features and sensitive receptors in terms of LAE and LAeq etc.
  • Attenuation patterns development
  • Estimation of the additional noise/vibration with respect to various scenarios

Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment for Road Traffic
Road Traffic Noise/Vibration may be included in the scope of the study, such as traffic of vehicles coming to/from ICD/FLP.

Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment in Construction Phase
  • Estimation and Evaluation of Noise/Vibration Levels in the Construction Stage
    • Estimation of Noise/Vibration Levels caused by construction equipment and vehicles during construction
    • Data collection and analysis of Noise/Vibration Levels from construction equipment and vehicles
  • Estimation and Evaluation of Noise/Vibration Levels in the Operation Stage
    • Estimation of Noise and Vibration Impacts caused by proposed additional or new railway traffic
    • Prediction of Noise/Vibration Levels (LAeq) due to additional or new train traffic on features and sensitive receptors

Recommendations of Mitigation Measure
In order to keep a control on Noise and Vibrations in sensitive areas, mitigation measures may be recommended. The period of monitoring varies as per the vibration level, duration and impacted subjects.

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